2019 Summer Day Camp Waitlist 4

2019 Summer Day Camp Registration 4th Grade WAITLIST

Please read through the following items regarding our Summer Day Camp program:
  • Girls Place Policies and Practices

    The following section includes information regarding payments, releases and our programming. Please read this information carefully. You will be held responsible for all of the content. Please contact Lynn at lynn@girlsplace.net with any questions.
  • Registration Fee

    Girls Place requires a fee of $25 per family when registering for summer day camp. You will be directed to PayPal to pay this fee immediately after completing the form. This fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Please DO NOT register if you think you may have an outstanding balance with Girls Place. Members with debt from the after school or athletic program cannot participate in the summer program until their balance is paid off. Please call (352) 373-4475 to check the status of your account. Please note that registration does not guarantee you a spot in the summer program.
  • Membership

    Membership is required to participate in any Girls Place program. Membership fees are $20 for one child and $40 for families with two or more siblings who live in the same home. Membership is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Girls who have participated in after school and athletics in 2018 have already paid their membership fees. New members will be assessed membership when they register for the summer program. Please call (352) 373-4475 if you would like to verify that your membership is paid. Membership is required to secure space in the program.
  • Weekly Fees

    The first week of fees, regardless of pay rate or week attending during the summer, is due upon registration. Space in the program is NOT SECURE without membership and the first week of fees paid. SPACE IS LIMITED!

    Summer Day Camp is paid in advance at a rate of $79 per week. Direct siblings of a child attending are billed at $68 per week, but only if both children attend during that week. Girls Place does not have part-time rates for Summer Day Camp; therefore, checking in for one day requires payment for the entire week.

  • Financial Assistance

    Limited financial assistance is available. Please visit our website to apply and contact Lynn at lynn@girlsplace.net with any questions.

    Please know that we are an Early Learning Coalition (ELC) provider and ELC is fortunate to be able to offer assistance to qualifying families at much lower rates than our assistance can provide. We do not charge weekly fees above and beyond the rate determined by ELC. Please contact ELC with any questions. 352-375-4110

  • Hours

    Operational hours are 7:30am - 6:00pm Monday through Friday.

    GP office hours are 11:00 am-6:00 pm - payments must be made during normal business hours or online

    Early Drop Off is available at 7:00am for $1 per day per child, payable in cash when the child is dropped off in the morning.

  • Activities

    Girls participate in a variety of activities throughout the summer that focus on core values held by Girls Place including athletics, character development, and social and life skills. Girls typically participate in field trips several times a week that include swimming, nature trails, museums, libraries, community service and other structured activities. Schedules are available on a weekly basis during the program to inform parents of the field trips for the upcoming week.
  • Groups

    Children are divided into age groups called by color names based on the grade in school in which the child will be attending in August. Pink Group: (K‐1st), Red 2 Group: (2nd), Red 3 Group (3rd), Yellow 4 Group: (4th), Yellow 5 (5th grade), Green Group: (6th‐7th), Blue Group: (8th‐9th). If your child is being held back, please be sure to indicate that grade level. We want to avoid moving girls back during the summer or at the beginning of the school year.
  • For further information about our programs, please contact lynn@GirlsPlace.net.
  • By initialing below I, as the parent or legal guardian, acknowledge the following information or policies. I understand that my initials are not required for the photo and social media releases.

    Please type in your initials for the following statements.
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  • Transportation Agreement

  • Initial Here
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  • Initial Here

    Once this form is completed and the $25 registration fee is paid, you will get a "SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION" via email. It is critical that you type in your email correctly. Email will be our primary form of communication for the summer program. There are REQUIRED FIELDS in this form. If you do not complete a required field, it will be highlighted in red and will not be submitted until it is corrected.
  • Child Information

    *All girls must have turned 5 years old prior to attending any Girls Place program.
  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • You will have the option to BUY summer day camp shirts for your child at the bottom of the form. Youth sizes (S-L) and adult sizes (S-XL) will be $6. Order and payment are due May 1st, 2019.
  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • Initial Here
    Please check all the items that trained Girls Place staff are authorized to use in caring for your child.
  • Please indicate what other treatment can be administered as needed.
  • Parent Information

  • Emergency Contact

    This MUST be someone other than a guardian!
  • Pick Up Limitations

    Please list ALL individuals authorized to pick up your child from Girls Place. This includes guardians and emergency contacts. If an individual is not listed on this registration, they will not be able to pick up your child.
  • Please note that, for girls who have attended one of our programs before, our system will be CHANGED to reflect the names indicated above.
  • Please note that, for girls who have attended one of our programs before, our system will be CHANGED to reflect the names indicated above.
  • Attendance

    Please check the weeks you would like your child(ren) to attend. Due to limited enrollment, you must pre-register for all weeks you wish your daughter to attend. By checking a week, you are not committed to paying for that week, but you are asked to notify staff at least one week in advance if your child will not be attending.
  • Demographics

    The following is optional and ONLY used to assist us in obtaining funding and various grants. THIS INFORMATION WILL BE HELD CONFIDENTIAL.
  • Please remember that this information is held confidential and is merely used for reporting purposes and securing additional grants.
  • Additional Medical Information

    If any information does not apply to your child, please put "N/A"
  • Siblings

    NOTE: A separate REGISTRATION FORM must be completed for each child.
  • This information will be used for billing purposes.
  • Questionnaire: (Please complete in an effort to provide the most positive experience for your children)

  • Please list any subjects (reading, math, etc.) or skills (organization, responsibility, etc.) that your child may need to work on this summer. If you are registering additional children, please identify the child and the subject or skill.
  • Payment

    Please do not make any payment until you have received notification that your child has been taken off the wait list.
  • Signature

  • I have read and fully understand the contents of this application. I have completed the application to the best of my knowledge and ability. I understand that if any information listed in this application changes, I will notify GIRLS PLACE immediately. The child/children listed above has/have my permission to participate in the activities sponsored by GIRLS PLACE as noted on the program schedules. In the case of an emergency an alternate person will be called if the parent(s) can not be reached by phone. The undersigned, individually and as parent or guardian of the participant, hereby authorize GIRLS PLACE to carry out any measures deemed necessary should an emergency occur, including at the expense of the undersigned, appropriate medical treatment for the participant, and hereby releases the GIRLS PLACE, its employees and agents, from any liability or claims arising out of the participant's engagement in the above described events.
  • Type full name here