Employment Application

An Equal Opportunity Employer. Please fill out the following employment application as thoroughly as possible. Only the sections with a red asterisk are required for submission, however it would give us the most complete picture of yourself as a potential applicant if you fill out every section possible. Thank you for your interest in employment with Girls Place, Inc.
  • General Information

  • Contact Information

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  • Availability

    What days and times are you available?
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  • Personal Information

    Have you ever worked at a job where your employer had insurance to protect his clients from any damage you may cause (intentially or accidentally)?
    Such conviction may be relevant if job related, but does not bar you from employment.
  • Employment History

    List your last four (4) employers, assignments or volunteer activities, starting with the most recent, including military experience. Explain any gaps in employment in the comments section below. Please do not put "see resume" in this section.
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  • Educational Background (if job related)

    List the last three (3) schools attended with additional information, starting with most recent.
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  • Foreign Languages

    List any foreign language(s) you know and check the boxes that describe your skill level. If English is your primary and only language, please skip ahead to References.
  • References

    List name and telephone number of three business/work references who are NOT related to you and are NOT previous supervisors. If not applicable, list three school or personal references who are not related to you.
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  • Additional

    List professional, trade, business, or civic associations and any offices held. (Exclude memberships which would reveal sex, race, religion, national origin, age, color, disability or other protected status.)
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